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Polynesian Massage

Taurumi Polynesian massages and body rituals of old Polynesia are very thorough, popular and highly effective massage for the human body. Which stresses not only the specific massage applied in rituals, but overall progress, which includes precise procedures that lead to full harmonization of the body. Set deep relaxation consciousness. They are so unique, because most of them are not changed in the last few generations. History Polynesian therapy dates back beyond 5000 years and ranks today among the islands, indigenous, natural, holistic and special treatment. Taurumi massage approach the human body as a whole. Massage is very intense and committed  to muscles, tendons, joints, skin, scalp were the best massaged and nourished the very best oils. During the massage was the best island used natural oils, butters, concentrated extracts, macerates, fresh parts of plants, fresh fruits and other necessary products of nature. Almost all Polynesian massages and body rituals are designed for women who will surely appreciate the highest quality treatments. Tahiti, Nuku Hiva, Bora Bora, Huahine, Tikehau, Aitutaki, Aotearoa, Rapa Nui, Samoa, Fiji, Tokelau, the islands of Hawaii ... where is beneficial and body care today is done in the most luxurious island resorts where they are carried out home Polynesians. They are masters at working with the human body and treatment and massage Maohi Taurumi is inherited in families ancient shamans and medicine man. Nature and man, it is most prominent at work and prohibited any modern materials. Many rituals and practices disappeared with his Creator, but ... many of them have been preserved until today and awaiting your discovery.

Taurumi  massage of ancient Polynesia. They performed it only Tahua who were supreme chief shamans. Taurumi performed as a precaution against all the evil which can affect humans. Muscle pain, fatigue, injuries after fighting, fishing. To this day, without ceasing Polynesians believe that Taurumi brings happiness to life and literally. Immediately after birth the child undergoes first Taurumi massage coconut oil. The original treatment is practiced in the middle of Polynesia. Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora, Raiatea ... For generations, Polynesians to indulge in this massage. Now you have the opportunity to donate your body a unique experience.

Taurumi is the ultimate experience of Polynesian culture.


90 min        65€         


Cool waterfall ritual is perfect for the hot summer months. And just as refreshing, but especially the overall regeneration of tanned skin and toning the skin and at the same time caring for healthy looking skin. The origin of this ritual is the water from the island of Nuku Hiva where according to legend demigoddess Tiara decided he would ask God to water Vai increased the lake under the waterfall there to accommodate as many women Vahine. Since then, according to tradition, women have enough points under waterfalls and wash the day to six times a day to purity stripped evil spirits. Massage is a gentle washing in coconut milk, massage oil Umu hei and applying regenerative healing Tamanu butter.   

70 min       45€            ​


​​Coconut massage - ritual of Cook Islands. Coconut palm is also called the law of the tree of life, because it can be used in the last piece and where it grows, there is life. Cook Islands - Rarotonga, Aitutaki ... the refined coconut massage to the last detail. Today Maori living on the islands of Aitutaki, Rarotonga and others have brought it from Hawaiiki Nui island of Raiatea ie what is most sacred island throughout Polynesia and thus considered a gift of the gods. Coconut ritual by telling Polynesians broke out of the game and the second part of the ritual was created to pirogue sailing to the islands of Raiateii. Coconut ritual gives homage to the tree of life - the coconut palm. Aitutaki Niu you swallow coconut palms on seven ways.

80 min       59€


Whole body ritual hot shells. Describes the best of the islands of Melanesia - nature. Hot shells are a major part of the rituals. This ritual was created in collaboration with the natives of Fiji and is based on the traditional body care man. Massage with hot shells was done a long time ago, but the course was completely different than the safe version. Shells in the past were filled with hot sand and coconut wood smoldering carbons meltblown and constantly soaked in coconut oil and massaging the problematic area of the body. The traditional version is made today have only a few islands of Melanesia, not only, but also Polynesia and Micronesia. Positive hot shells lies in the constant process of warm inside the shells, which are activated by temperature and calcium ion beam to heat the tissue depth perfectly without distinction. The temperature of shells is of 40 to 65 degrees Celsius. Tokoriki ritual begins by washing coconut milk, coconut sugar scrub enriched with aromatic components products Fiji continues oil massage of body massage and hot shells, whole-body applying mango butter, at the end of the ritual - sarong massage. The longer version contains an  extra facial, head and feet.

120 min     60€​​

180 min    80€​​

80 min      59€

HIVA VEA                                                                                     Shells of Nuku Hiva. It was there that originate stainless massage shells. It was a normal part of the care of the body, especially when bad weather ailments done on the body. Pleasant and smooth shape of a kind of Pacific shells gives this massage unexpectedly effective action and the constant influx of two types of oil on the body is an amazing combination that forms a perfect Polynesian traditional treatment. Age of this type of massage is over 5000 years old and belongs to the early settlement of Polynesia. Where exactly was founded, it has been not learn, but probably it was the first human trials to test what nature freely offered all around. Ear-massage is one of the so-called culture protopolynesian body care. Ritual Hiva Vea you shrouding it blends mysterious island Te Henua Enana.                                                                                                   



Maori jade massage from Aotearoa (New Zealand).          Pounamu is the name for the mineral jadeite, which has mythological significance to Maori. From jade amulets are already produced, which had a broad aspect of the use of a higher importance,,,,. Jade as mineral has a specific page after physical ideal holding heat. In parts of New Zealand Maori -Rotorua a heated Jade hot geyser lakes, which follows attach to the body. In colder parts of the island were such warmed up jade excellent assistant in the fight against the cold. Each amulet Pounamu had a different mythological significance and protect the wearer from different lures. These traditions are still an essential part of Maori culture and is the main symbol of Pounamu Maori. During this massage are gradually enclosed with various types of warm-up, followed by direct Pounamu massage selected cities on a human body. This massage will not only heats but will give new strength to life as a warrior in the island nation Maori Aotearoa.

90 min      65€         


Maori mud ritual.                                                                

1000 years have passed since the settlement of Aotearoa and the search for a suitable place to live became the seat of Rotorua, which is not only the main ,, heart'' Maori but also hot geysers, lakes with healing water and mud craters in particular with the celebrated hot mud from Rotorua. Highly nutritious mud clays are full of nutrients and minerals as various oxides of silicon, magnesium, titanium, calcium, iron, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus and potassium. A rich variety of trace elements from cobalt, molybdenum, zinc, copper and selenium after. Such a composition of geothermal clays is ideal for the maintenance and renewal of skin cells, detoxification, getting rid of excess sebum, helps blood circulation, as it uses heated mud. Additional active agents are strong antibacterial action due to the sulfur and zinc. Millions of years have evolved the mud in the depths of the earth to Aotearoa is now on to your body and you have experienced a rare procedure Rotorua.

70 min          70€          


Head massage with hair treatments. Discover the miracle of the heart of Polynesia. Tahiti is a place where local beauties treated hair Monoi oil since ancient times. Let us pamper nourishing hair oil and massage the scalp. Finally, you will be given a mixture of the wash of Bora Bora.

45 min         25€          

    RAI FENUA                                                                                      

Foot massage and head.

,, The feet remain on the ground but your head is in the stars,,

Exactly you feel. As a goddess who just walk a lonely lagoon in noise coconut palms and her hair was toying tropical wind bringing the smell of wild jungle full of freshly blossoming inflorescence. Pure oil Monoii the leaching of tiare flower hair and foot massage oils of coconut milk, hibiscus, frangipani and Tiare. Go on the right foot ...

70 min         49€         

MAI TE PORA                                

The Creation of the Gods or the Mai Te Pora. According to legend, the island was created today Bora Bora fished demigods Maui as soon as the second island of Raiatea. In her honor is created rite body, who worships the best of the island. Sand, sea mud, peeling of pearl, and three types of oil. The first oil gives a number of countries and it is made of red ginger, the second number gives the ocean and it's oil leaching pearl plants growing near the ocean and thirdly oil which gives tribute to the sky and it is in the sky, the towering coconut palms and three kinds of coconut oil by maturation period. Here you Bora Bora you have expected.

70 min        55 €         

The wrap of fresh banana leaves. Across Oceania banana leaves are a special assistant, without which there was life harder. Banana leaf symbolizes good health. It was and is used as a poultice, dressing in injuries, burns from the sun or fire. Is called a second skin. It is hard, it helps remove toxins from the body, eliminates clean filtered water and nutritious valuable substances. Substances contained in the letters accelerate healing and regeneration process. Banana is simply versatile and Oceania each dwelling near at hand. Wrap in banana leaves is a real touch of the remote islands of the South Pacific, which you can experience directly on their own skin all over the body. Banana leaves are Heat soaked and thus further accelerate the process of detoxification and release only perfect body.

JAINE DRAU                                                                                                       ​​​

90 min      59€


Teahupoo is the name of the strongest wave, which Tahitan always been fascinated by his riveting force. It is possible that the idea originated right here ride on a piece of wooden board. Anyhow, it is not always Teahupoo wave and the stormy coast maintained friendly to her brave and caused them injury, especially on the seabed where it was added still scorching sun, unceasing wind and the sea water. According to legend, the settlement was situated right next to Tahua- medicine man, who was always helpful and its healing mixture of shells that were hidden deep in the cold country with little Marae- sanctuary. This ritual will help you when you burn in strong sunlight. In Teahupoo ritual awaits washed with pure coconut water, applying strong -regeneration Tamanu mixture, cover with fresh banana leaf on problem areas and very gentle massage over pareo dipped in pure artesian water. It is this ritual has the power Teahupoo wave that will not hurt your skin, but on the contrary it regenerates, pleasantly refreshes, cools and invigorates.


60 min       45€           

60 min        45€        


Hot basalt stones also called lava stone. Samoa.                 Volcano that spewed from its inside the rock are responsible for the very existence of the islands of the South Pacific. If it were not, therefore, volcanoes would not be most islands. Basalt stone Polynesians gave the gift of versatility. This is a volcanic stone tools produced Toki, from which shaped the stone for the production of shrines, statues of gods and housing. It was further used as a tool for kneading locust way, weapons production, baking in an earth oven Hangi. Out of all this use has been heated up basalt stone used as a tool of shamans in the treatment of colds during the monsoons, back pain, joint pain, treatment of fractures and the like. To date, the use of Polynesia Basalt stone to the same treatment as before and is completely normal part of their culture. The rituals of Samoa will experience more than you are expecting. Wash water from the Pacific Ocean, peeling of heating a volcanic black sand, Monoi massage oil, massage basalt stones and soothing wrap yield of Taro


​The ritual of the island of Ua Pou. The mysterious island where the stirred mixture of the best of the best fighter. A mixture of herbs, flowers and fruits, which were intended only for the winner and ancient contest held annually ever since. Mixtures of nuts Tukupoe, Tamanu, milk baby coconut mixed with ritual oil and guava leaves. Throughout the duration of the massage is herbal mixture constantly stirred in the traditional way on your body ...

90 min         54€          


The most beautiful pearl of Rangiroa. Here you massage pearls themselves. In the past, Pearl's most valuable man what a woman can bring the ocean. It was a sign of courage to dive to the bottom and leave around Kruz dangerous sharks. Pearls strung on coconut rope and large beads were used for one of the many Pacific Rim as massage rituals for the new woman chief. This massage stimulates and soothes the psyche of women. Massage Taurumi and pearl oil. Coconut milk with leaching pearl.

70 min        49€        


Forbidden Island. Pacific ancient legend tells the story of the girl from the island of Huahine. That one night a storm drove the canoe to the Tuamotu atolls. When she woke up it was at the shaman. He offered it as a sign of respect for the red plant that hid themselves in a mysterious power. The shaman is to suddenly fall in love and together they returned to the island. There still growing this plant giving the precious healing color. The ritual Motu Tapu envelops you Uaefa powerful aphrodisiac, which symbolizes the rarest red feathers. Just red feathers were once the most valuable tender Central Polynesia and who it was who had the power. During the ritual, your skin will still dependent yield the best seaweed and coconut butter. Taste forbidden island ...


90 min       55€


Best holier island across the broader ie Polynesia Raiatea. According to legend, the birth of the world, this was the first island that demigod Maui fished out of the sea. Raiatea is just one island where the consecrates sailors and navigators before go and discover new islands. Here are gathered all the chiefs throughout Polynesia. During this ritual of body massage will be a rest during which you will be encapsulated coconut oil macerates fruit pineapple, mango, nono, tiare, Tipanie and coconut milk. In the second part of the massage will be followed by whole body wrap in healing Tamanu butter and nut oils tutu.

90 min        69€          


The only place in the world hiding precious sand, which is multicolored. From light brown through pink and orange and fine powdery composition is one of the sand between protected and only one site is permitted only on a strictly controlled surface collection for cosmetic purposes. In the past, it graced the first home resident Tikehau Atoll. Absolutely undisturbed place had plenty of time to various mailboxes shells and minerals precipitated sequentially in layers and create a unique sand with Tikehau. In this rare rituals have women come to scrub these sands, which promotes a better tan. Tikehau sand and clean the local coconut oil provides blows away like a grain of sand in an ancestral past.

50min         39€           

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